What's My Story?

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I’m a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  Sara Mornell is my acting coach, and Paula Carter is my dialect coach.  She’s helped me with; Irish (various dialects), Appalachian/Mountain, Boston (Southie), and I’m just starting to get serious with my British.


“Make it your own.” (Meaning: improv your ass off)  I study at Upright Citizens Brigade, Impro Theater and formerly, the Hothouse where I also taught as well. I’ve worked with a bunch of super-talented peeps, among them; Dave Razowsky, Todd Stashwick, John Thies and Tim Hibberd to name a few.

But Wait, There’s More

I can sing a bit (high tenor) and I like to mess around on the banjo.  I love to run trails and spend time in the mountains.  To date, I’ve run 8 marathons and 2 ultras.  Stage combat? Sure.  Adept at most sports? Yup.

Just a Thought



Today I shot a fun little role on CSI.  

A Much Needed Break

A Much Needed Break

Finally. I got to go camping.  I don’t get to go but maybe once a year.  I used to go to an old fishing cabin on a very remote lake in Canada, but alas, we no longer have access to the cabin thanks to the Canadian government making the lake a natural preserve.  Assholes.  Some […]

Google Cube Project

Google Cube Project

Last week I shot a very interesting project for Google to be shown at a live venue in Sydney, Australia.  I shot it with the super talented, and funny-as-hell, Steve Ayson.   It’s Google’s Cube Project, where 6 different stories are told on a cube and the viewer can determine which story they want to […]

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