“1st Date”

“1st Date”

Just began a month-long shoot for the feature, “1st Date”.  It’s a mockumentary about a dating show that never aired and I’m lucky enough to play the lead, George, the director of the dating show.  The dialogue is 100% improvised and I had an absolute blast shooting.    It should be a fun month of […]

“Applebees” spot

I booked an Applebee’s spot today.  Between the  “Justified” reshoot, “Chosen” and now this, it’s been a very nice way to start off ’14.  I’m very lucky.  


I got to work on a great web series called “Chosen” today.  My role was pretty dark.  A guy brought into prison after he killed someone.  The role required me to go to some pretty dark places.  As I sat there on set, all alone in a corner listening to my music, and staying where […]