“St. Vincent”


What a day.

Earlier in the week, Ted Melfi, the director of “Roshambo” and some commercials of mine, called and asked if I was busy on saturday.  I was scheduled to continue shooting “1st Date”.  Ted then explained that he wanted me to play a very small role in his feature “St. Vincent”.

Oh yeah, and that the small scenes would be with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.

Uh.  Yeah.

So I made a quick call to the director of “1st Date”, where I explained the situation. Thankfully, James Huang, the director was SUPER supportive and told me they could work around me for the day.  Yeaay!

So I worked the whole day, improvising with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy.  It was like getting paid to go to school.

It was a good day.


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