A Much Needed Break

The fishin' wasn't great, but there was no beatin' the view

The fishin’ sucked, but there was no beatin’ the view

Finally. I got to go camping.  I don’t get to go but maybe once a year.  I used to go to an old fishing cabin on a very remote lake in Canada, but alas, we no longer have access to the cabin thanks to the Canadian government making the lake a natural preserve.  Assholes.  Some of the best times of my life were spent on that lake, watching moose, bears, timberwolves bald eagles… and fishing.  Lots and LOTS of fishing.  Even when the fish weren’t biting, the fish were biting… man I miss that place.  So, all that aside, it’s become even more important that I get my ass out in nature from time to time to unplug and just have fun.  Since my daughter was born, I haven’t spent much time running like I once did.  It’s hard to get out for a 3 hour trail run when you’re a daddy.  I don’t regret that, not at all.  But sometimes, it does get hard.  I miss that time out on the trail.

The last couple of years I try to get out to the San Bernadino mountain with a couple of buddies.  We sleep in tents, play frisbee golf in the woods (sometimes startling mountain lions), eat like kings, and drink beer.

It was a great trip. (sigh)

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